JKF Wadokai Kyu Shin Kan

JKF Wadokai Kyu Shin Kan is an organisation which follows, practices and teaches the Karate formed by JKF Wadokai in Japan. The name of the style is Wadoryu and has its origin in Shindo Yoshinryu Jujutsu and is therefore one of the most genuine Japanese forms of karate. Most other styles originate from Okinawa and have less influence from Japanese martial arts. For the purpose of bringing together all the main karate styles, the Japan Karatedo Federation(JKF) was founded in 1964. The wado organisation within JKF is called JKF-Wadokai. The European wado organisation, Federation of European Wado-kai (F.E.W.), was founded in 1972.

Wadoryu Karate

Wadoryu was created by Hironori Otsuka in the early 20th century, based on experiences from his training in Shindo Yoshinryu Jujutsu and other old japanese martial arts, and the training of Okinawa Karate under teachers, as Gichin Funakoshi, Choki Motobu and Kenwa Mabuni. Otsuka adopted the good parts of each style. The product was a style of Karate with natural and flowing movements, including the principles of Jujutsu and japanese sword fighting.